Life Skill Development Activities

Life Skill Development

As part of capacity-building intervention, Tambayan has been facilitating life-skills development activities with children. They aim to facilitate positive behavioral changes to children, encourage them to refrain from high-risk, self-destructive and anti-social activities, and to fuel empowerment in taking actions to claim and promote child rights.Some of these activities are conflict management and values formation. Mostly, these life-skills activities aim to equip children on positive decision-making skills and progressive coping mechanisms to help them get through conflicts, abuse experiences, and prevent from further abuse and harm. It affirms their strength and enhance coping skills amidst adversity. 

Tambayan’s life skills development activities have been incorporated in sports (football and futsal that have also put emphasis on values formation, practice of self-discipline and sportsmanship and expanded to creative and performing arts (such as in theater group I Dream of Light “IDOL”). These activities served to divert their energies and mentality from high-risk activities, especially during summer when there is no more school. Life-skills development activities recognize children’s abilities and talents in these areas and have then influenced in shaping groups of children based on their talents, skills and interests. Furthermore, they fulfill and promote children rights to development and participation, to say the least.