is commonly referred to as a place in the street where children and youth converge for social interaction. It is also a Cebuano term which means "Hangout".



(formerly Tambayan Center for the Care of Abused Children) is a non-stock, nonprofit, non-government organization that works in partnership with Adolescent Girls on the Streets (AGS) and Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP)  in Davao City through its various programs and services.


TAMBAYAN was established on February 6, 1996, to address alarming issues surrounding the “buntog” (quail bird known to hop from one nest to another) labeling period in the 90s. Due to the lack of public awareness on children’s rights, girls who escaped their homes to hang-out in the streets were heavily stigmatized by the media and the larger society.


When TAMBAYAN began in 1996, it sought to address the lack of services for girls tending to hang out on the streets of Davao City. Today, despite the pressure of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and local ordinances, the AGS/CNSP still continue to experience various forms of abuse in the home, school, online, and communities. Economic difficulties still limit the best opportunity for education and other basic needs.